0800 HANDYMAN – Hanging Shelves

If you have shelves you are struggling to put up, or if they are simply still in the packaging six months after buying them, then 0800 HANDYMAN is here to help.

Our expert, friendly handymen come with all the skills and tools needed to get to work and finally get those shelves up on the wall.

0800 HANDYMAN offers a quick and affordable service, leaving behind the very best results. And, if you are not happy with the work, simply call us and we’ll come back and re-do the job, until you are completely satisfied!

oddjobsservicesThe problem that many homeowners face when confronting jobs like putting up shelves is twofold; you don’t have the right tools for the job, and you don’t want to damage the walls. Haphazardly mounting a shelf can often mean damage to plaster, paint and other surfaces. Another common outcome is the dreaded wonky shelf, which means re-drilling yet more holes and damaging your walls further. For new home with freshly painted or plastered walls, this can be a painful experience. 0800 HANDYMAN can keep your paint and plaster looking perfect – no scratches, no crumbling, no unsightly holes – just a top quality job. At 0800 HANDYMAN, our handymen come equipped with every tool they need for the job and to tidy up after the job is done. We provide a quick, quality and affordable service, all delivered with a smile.

polaroid-services-oddjobs-businessIn addition to shelving, we can also help to hang and install pretty much anything else around the home or office.

If you have a new LCD or plasma TV, or a smart home system to be installed then 0800 HANDYMAN can help– safely and with no hassle – no matter the size.

If you have just moved into a new office, we can help by hanging displays, large frames and anything else you need tackling. Simply call us on 0800 HANDYMAN or email our friendly staff for a chat.

0800 HANDYMAN can also hang large pictures and mirrors for your home or office space. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum, and your day can go on as normal. We can also come in on weekends and evenings, if needed.

Whether you need a picture, display, TV, mirror or anything else hanging or installing, don’t hesitate to email or call 0800 HANDYMAN for a quote.