Ensure that your new property is GAS SAFE

Ensure your new property is Gas Safe You can’t always be sure when the appliances and pipework in your new property were last serviced and checked. Your vendor should be able to provide you with a Gas Safety Record showing that a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer has checked the gas installation pipework and appliances. If Read More

Escape from the DIY this Bank Holiday

The August Bank Holiday is on the way again!  This is one of the most popular time for many of us to carry out those traditional DIY tasks around the house – A report commissioned on DIY habits revealed however that 75% of people delay crucial home maintenance tasks and put them ‘on the long Read More

The Writings On The Wall

Q- Do you have any advice on removing the white stains which have appeared on my garden wall ? Alan Wilson, Via email A – The staining on your brickwork is efflorescence,chichis simply white crystalline salt deposits-you also see this on brick buildings and patios. When bricks get wet, any salt content in them may Read More

Chip Off The Old Sink

Q- My Bathroom basin is chipped.Is there a product available that will repair and disguise the problem? Jennifer Brennan – via email To repair a chip in a porcelain sink,you will need to purchase a two-part epoxy filler found in the adhesive section of a hardware store. Rub down the area with sandpaper to remove Read More

Stain Stain Go Away

Q – An overflow pipe has been dripping water and has left a white stain on a recently decorated red kitchen door. What product can I use to to remove it ? MA, McLaughlin A-There are many myths about getting and removing stains of unrelated and unpainted wood, but in our experience, when an item Read More

Welcome To The New Helping Hand Page

This new page of our website is designed with you in mind! As an extremely successful London based handyman business we are often asked questions about DIY, home maintenance and how best to carry out specific tasks or projects. We have recently been extremely honoured to be a regular contributor to The Sunday Times.For those Read More

DIY Tips and Advice For Your Safety

DIY can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing and it can be rather frightening with statistics like these – Over 230,000 injuries occur yearly whilst people are undertaking their own DIY projects Ladder and stepladder accidents send 41,000 people to hospital annually Health and Safety is a must when Read More

Ladder Safety Guide

Ladder safety is a must when you are doing any form of DIY project. Ladder accidents send around 41,000 people to hospital every year so we have put together the following small guide. Ensure that there is enough space around you to fully extend the ladder to its full length needed. Make sure that you Read More

Lifting Guide

Checking the Object Pushing the load lightly will enable you to see how easily it moves to determine whether you can lift it by yourself or will need help. Always remember that a smaller package does not always mean a lighter weight. Packing Correctly? Making sure that the weight of the load is evenly balanced Read More

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