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0800 Handyman - Home Maintenance - London Handyman

Home Maintenance Checklist

With spring around the corner, it’s time to get outside and inside too, and make sure every corner of your home is in tip-top shape, and address any problems now before they get any worse. 0800 HANDYMAN, one of the largest professional handyman services in London provides its checklist of tasks to tackle in the coming days and weeks:
It’s good to do a walk-around of your property. Winter is tough on roofs and chimneys and it can also take its toll on windows, walls, foundations, gutters and decks.

0800 Handyman - Office Handyman - London Handyman

The Office Handyman

Foster Denovo Limited is a national firm of financial advisers with 8 offices across the UK. Its 70+ financial advisers (Partners) provide financial advice to individuals and families, businesses and charities.

0800 Handyman - Fence Post Repair - London Handyman

Fence Post Repair

With the wild weather that the UK has been experiencing it’s not surprising that there have been one or two fences blown down, old rotten foundations have been found wanting in the face of turbulent winds.

0800 Handyman - How to fix a dripping tap - London

How to Fix a Dripping Tap

Leaky showers, taps, sinks or pipes are a frustrating side affect of winter, your house expands and contracts as the cold winter meets the periodic heating of your central heating pipes. Wear and tear takes its toll and the unstoppable drip, drip, dripping of water down your drain adds to the unsightly water stains that appear in your sink. Not to mention the unnecessarily additional cost to your water bill, on top of other rising costs. But don’t worry; we’ve come up with a quick guide to get your winter water issues under control. Like most things there’s more than one method on how to fix a dripping tap so here’s the Easy way and the DIY way for your reference:

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