Escape from the DIY this Bank Holiday

bank holiday

The August Bank Holiday is here! This is one of the most traditional time for many of us to carry out traditional DIY tasks – A new report out today has revealed however that 75% of delay crucial home maintenance tasks

Some 82% of Brits admit to putting off essential DIY jobs for an average of 26 days, while 10% will delay carrying out these tasks for more than three months, new research by one of the UK’s UK’s largest residential property management companies , has revealed.

Almost a third (32%) of those who put off household tasks and DIY say they are too busy, while 25% say they are not confident of what they are doing. One in 10 (9%) are worried about damaging their property, while 6% are anxious about injuring themselves.

Of the 2,000 Brits polled, 28% have injured themselves during DIY tasks, with one in 20 (4%) having to take time off work or go to hospital, according to The Value of Property Maintenance report.

However, delays could be because households don’t like doing DIY. A quarter of us hate clearing gutters (28%), getting rid of damp and mould (27%) and cleaning windows (25%). Other unpopular DIY tasks include plumbing (20%), painting and repairing walls (18%) and cleaning carpets and floors (18%).

Despite this, the research found that Brits spend 114 hours a year doing jobs around the house – equivalent to 14 working days, or seven weekends a year.
The full cost of maintaining the average home in the UK is £1,840. But the good news is that, as a nation, we do save about £700 a year on DIY jobs, such as plumbing, decorating, cleaning carpets, windows and gutters, repairs and gardening,

Jobs such as keeping the garden tidy or a bit of painting here and there can be done by most people – some might even enjoy it! However, other jobs that might appear simple, such as clearing the guttering, getting rid of mould or replacing sealant on baths/showers, are actually, in my view, best left to the professionals as they often require specialist safety equipment, expert knowledge and skill.

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