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When you move into your new home it looks fantastic. It’s pretty predictable though, that after a while it will begin to look more lived in and show inevitable signs of wear and tear.

Whether it’s children’s grubby fingerprints on the walls or scratch and scuff marks on the floorboards, homes don’t look new forever.

This time of year is a key time for people moving homes and here are our tips on helping to preserve the value in your property. Regular maintenance will keep your new home looking good for longer.

Homeowners should keep an eye on things such as maintaining paint before cracking is evident, re-grouting and re-doing silicon for tiles and wet areas.

If regular maintenance isn’t done, you may end up paying a lot of money in the long term. Small problem areas can escalate very quickly and can be costly if left for an extended amount of time. Regular maintenance protects the value and curb appeal of your home. Regular painting and checking smoke and CO2 alarms will keep your home protected and looking good.

External home maintenance jobs include checking painting, exteriors gutters and pipes, door hinges and roofing. 0800 Handyman has a complete service to support you in this area and we can be called on in emergencies including extreme weather.

We recommend getting all systems and appliances including electrical and hot water systems professionally serviced once every two years.

While wear and tear of building materials is inevitable, some will look better for longer if regular top-ups and maintenance is undertaken.

If there are children and you want to keep things looking their best, consider the wall finishes.

It’s important to use a good quality paint, a wash-and-wear type of paint. You want good quality durable floor coverings in those areas.

While some porcelain-style tiles can be prone to chipping, other tiles can be quite long-lasting, including non-slip tiles. In the kitchen stone bench-tops are a good choice for longevity and an alternative to expensive marble or wood. With cupboards, dark colours tend to show up stains and finger-marks so a lighter version is good, particularly with children.

With the exterior of the home subjected to elements such as heavy rain, snow and direct sun, some weathering is going to be inevitable. It is really that this is regularly assessed and maintained. From painting windows to maintaining external fascias and guttering we are here to help and preserve the value of your most important asset.

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The knowledge hub is a great place to source home maintenance information.  I find it easy to use and there’s lots of good tips and tricks.

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