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How to Fix a Dripping Tap | 0800 handyman

Leaky showers, taps, sinks or pipes are a frustrating side affect of winter, your house expands and contracts as the cold winter meets the periodic heating of your central heating pipes. Wear and tear takes its toll and the unstoppable drip, drip, dripping of water down your drain adds to the unsightly water stains that appear in your sink. Not to mention the unnecessarily additional cost to your water bill, on top of other rising costs. But don’t worry; we’ve come up with a quick guide to get your winter water issues under control. Like most things there’s more than one method on how to fix a dripping tap so here’s the Easy way and the DIY way for your reference:

How to fix a leaking tap

The Easy Option – Call 0800 Handyman to do it for you.

The Intermediate Option – Fix it yourself using this ‘how to fix a tap’ guide.

What do you need to fix a tap:

Required Tools: screwdriver, adjustable spanner, cloth.

Required Equipment: Purchase different sizes pipe grips and a packet of various sized washers.

Get some family encouragement.

How to fix leaky showers and taps:

Before you start, check if there is an Isolation pipe under the sink. If there is turn it off using the screwdriver to a horizontal position.

enzimetr language translate If there is no isolation pipe, give us a call.

Once you’ve isolated the water supply, turn on the tap to drain the remaining water inside.

When the water stops running, remove the tap head using the screwdriver or using pipe grips.

Remove the head gear assembly by hand or with the help of a dry cloth.

You will see that the headgear assembly is composed of a washer a jumper and a nut. You might need to undo the nut and replace the old washer with a new one under the jumper.

Then reassemble the tap as you did when took it apart.

Turn the isolation value under the sink back on and your tap is good as new.

The knowledge hub is a great place to source home maintenance information.  I find it easy to use and there’s lots of good tips and tricks.

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