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How to put up shelves | 0800 handyman

If you’re looking to add some more storage space by adding valueable shelves or you would like to add to the look of your room with the addition of shelving, 0800 HANDYMAN, one of London’s largest professional mobile handyman services, has soem simple steps in how to put up shelves properly:

1) Make sure you’ve got the tools – You need a drill, wood screws, a pencil, hammer and nails for marking up, a stud detector, a spirit level and plenty of patience.

2) Mark holes for the first bracket – Take one of the shelf brackets and hold it up to one of the guide lines at the correct height. Use the spirit level to set it vertical and then mark through the holes with a pencil (or coat hanger wire if the bracket is too thick) to show where you need to make the holes. Cross and nail dent to each mark for more accurate drilling.

3) Drill into the wall – Using a wood drill bit that is one size smaller than your screws, drill as far as the length of a screw (minus the depth of your bracket). Measure the screw and bracket against the drill bit first and mark the correct depth with tape. Choose the right length of screw to properly anchor the shelf to the stud. This will be around 20mm more than the depth of plasterboard and bracket. Plasterboard can be anything from 9mm to 13mm, so you will probably need to choose screws upwards of 30mm in length.

4) Screw in the first bracket

5) Mark holes for the second bracket-Take your shelf and balance it on the first bracket with your spirit level on top. Hold the shelf exactly level, then mark a short line along the underside of the shelf across the line you marked earlier for the second stud. You should now have intersecting lines on your wall, showing the correct spot for the top of the second bracket.

6) Drill holes and fix the second bracket – Screw the second bracket securely into the stud, as before.

7) Put shelf in place and fix with screws, if needed – Depending on your bracket design, the shelf may need to be fixed on to the bracket, or it may just balance on top.

8) Check the level again – If you have worked carefully through the steps, your shelf should be perfectly level.

Putting up a shelf should be a quick job to complete and if you’ve done it correctly the results should be quite rewarding. If however something went wrong in the process, or this job simply isn’t your cup of tea then give us a call on 0800 426396 or refer to the website at and one of our handymen will fix your shelf in no time.

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The knowledge hub is a great place to source home maintenance information.  I find it easy to use and there’s lots of good tips and tricks.

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