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Men No Longer Able To Cope With DIY! | 0800 handyman

Men are no longer able to carry out traditional DIY! – A new survey published this week claims most are now opting to call in tradesmen. It is claimed most struggle to change a tyre, while only half can wire a plug, and just one in five are able to fix a dripping tap. According to data published this week men across the country, and particularly in London, are struggling to find time to get involved in a traditional DIY tasks.

As a successful handyman business we often see customers struggling with issues that only a generation ago would have possibly handled within the home.

The survey also mentions that there in five men would need to call in a plumber to unblock a toilet, while only a third feel confident about putting together flat-pack furniture. Although perhaps it should be noted 74 per cent claimed to know how to work the dish-washer, 71 per cent the washing machine and 62 per cent to be able to iron a shirt. A further 67 per cent said they regularly used the hoover. Clear indication we think that division of tasks is now more common and that men bashing is misleading and unfair! Sometimes hiring a professional is just more cost-efficient and a lot easier!

When it comes to putting up a shelf properly this was something just 37 per cent of men said they could do and only 29 per cent said they owned a fully stocked tool box and at least two power tools.Fixing sagging shelves and DIY disasters are problems we are frequently called out to.

None of these findings are particularly surprising to us as there has clearly been a huge shift in traditional roles and the prioritising of home tasks. Given the ever increasing demands of modern living and family life it has been much more common to outsource home maintenance tasks to a trusted provider freeing up valuable time which can be allocated to other tasks. Being able to provide a reliable and cost effective solution to our customers is clearly something that they prioritise and value given the positive feedback we receive.

Broadly it would seem many people seem to be less attracted to tasks that involve getting their hands dirty and more reliant on professional providers and tradesmen for smaller jobs around the home.

Whatever your needs or project size we are always here to help and you can learn more about our services here

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