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How To Find A Good Plumber - Top Tips | 0800 handyman

Research released this week has revealed that for homeowners across the country, plumbers are the most difficult tradespeople to find. 27% of UK homeowners said that it had been ‘really difficult’ to find a plumber. In comparison, only 7% struggled to find a qualified trades person for other tasks such as tiling, flooring or kitchen fitting.

Property owners aren’t attempting these jobs themselves anymore though – more Brits would now hire a professional tradesperson for plumbing than any other home improvement task. They like to keep it local too, with 50% saying they’d call a local plumber or heating engineer following a system break down and only 36% opt to contact a national supplier.

Over a fifth of Brits surveyed said hiring reliable general builders and electricians is also a challenge. However it’s not all bad news, 65% of homeowners said they were very satisfied with the work when they last used a tradesperson and would definitely use them again – so once they discover a good professional they hang on to them, something we can testify with our regular and loyal customer base

Whilst searching for a professional to hire, property owners still very much rely upon their own list of tried and trusted tradespeople, with nearly half opting to use someone they had hired previously. When that fails, they choose the next best thing and speak to family, neighbours, colleagues or nearby friends for their recommendations. Interestingly, less than 4% rely on recommended tradespeople websites at this stage and prefer instead to use the local paper to help them make their are extremely proud of our reviews and always value the input and feedback of our customers. We are always happy to hear from you via Trustpilot.

This research clearly shows that finding the right tradesperson is important to homeowners, with trust and satisfaction of the job being the highest priorities. Word of mouth recommendations are still the most trusted method of hiring tradespeople. It will be interesting to see the emerging shift to online selection in the future with the growth of social media and trade review websites.

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