Risking DIY – is it really worth it?

With the sun continuing to shine (hopefully it will stay that way) thousands of Brits turn their hand to DIY. Predictably many home improvement and DIY projects are responsible for thousands of hospital visits a year.

Understanding what you can tackle yourself and when to call in an expert handyman is key to yourDIY success.

Across England in 2016/17, 3,391 people were admitted to hospital after being injured in accidents involving “non-powered” hand tools and 522 people were admitted after being hurt by lawnmowers. There were also 4,648 hospital admissions among people injured in accidents involving other powered hand tools and household machinery. Around six per cent of those admitted to
hospital were children under the age of 18. These were just the accidents that were bad enough to result in a visit to A&E.

So why do people do DIY?

Cost saving is probably the biggest motivator for someone to tackle a DIY project themselves, whether that’s hanging a picture or mirror, putting up shelves, climbing a ladder to decorate a room to fixing a boiler or rewiring a lamp. There is also an element of self-satisfaction when completing a basic home maintenance task

What are the alternatives?

In an attempt to save money or to gain a sense of achievement when tackling a home maintenance project, many people do not know where to turn to when they need some help. Finding a local trusted pair of hands to help with varied jobs is not always easy.
Investing upfront in a professional to help you with your project is by far the most cost-effective way to prevent that DIY mishap. 0800 Handyman has operated in the local area since 2003. Where we differ from other handyman services is that we have shops in some locations where you can drop in and have a chat to an expert about your home maintenance jobs before you book an appointment.

In addition, we operate a mobile business that has been working throughout London for a number of years. We have a network of independent trained experts that are ready to help you.

To book an appointment either drop into one of our shops or call us on 0800 426396. You can also visit us online www.0800handyman.com

Risking DIYSome interesting facts:

Top tools for causing accidents: 1 Knives and scalpels (20,000 accidents in the UK each year); 2 Saws
(15,000); 3 Grinders (6,500); 4 Hammers (6,000); 5 Chisels (4,000); 6 Screwdrivers (3,500); 7 Power
drills (3,000); 8, 9 &10 Axes, planes and welding equipment (2,000 each).

Top DIY materials that result in accidents: 1 Wood, chipboard etc (30,000 accidents); 2
Paving/concrete blocks (20,000); 3 Nails (15,000); 4 Metal bars, sheets etc (13,000); 5 Bricks (8,000);
6 Paint and paint pots (4,000); 7 Glue, paste etc (3,000); 8 & 9 Screws and floor/wall tiles (2,500); 10
Wallpaper (1,500).