Decorating in London

At 0800 HANDYMAN, we know that decorating can often fall by the wayside due to the hurly burly of everyday life.

Moving into a new home, for example, can throw up dozens of jobs, with redecorating falling often falling down to the bottom of the list. This can mean living in a new house that doesn’t feel like yours, despairing over when you’ll have time to finally redecorate.

If you are moving into a new home, or just want a fresh new look for your house, business or property,  our experienced, friendly and affordable handymen can undertake almost any redecorating task.

We can undertake decorating work all over London, with our mobile staff able to get to you in a jiffy!


decoratingservicesAll of our handymen come fully equipped to tackle nearly any job. Their top-notch skills and experience make any job – great or small – a quick, painless affair.

At 0800 HANYDMAN, we can take care of the small, niggling jobs such as laying down or repairing grout, touching up paintwork and varnish, redecorating entire rooms, or even repainting cupboards and wardrobes, and many other jobs beside. If you don’t see your job here, just give us a call on 0800 426396 or email us, and we’ll be able to help.
Our staff can also help make repairs to your home, getting everything perfect before redecorating begins. This includes repairing holes and cracks in plastering, filling in damage to wood fixtures and fittings. With their broad, refined skill sets, 0800 HANDYMAN workers work fast, give the best results, and offer great pricing.

polaroid-services-decorating-homeFor businesses and landlords, our years of skill also means a quick, efficient and tidy job with minimal disruption. Working with businesses and property owners for a long time, we know that you simply can’t afford downtime. Our handymen always strive to complete their work in a non-invasive, timely manner – that means your business keeps moving whilst we work. For landlords, we can complete quality redecorating work in no time at all, as well as any repairs that require attention. At 0800 HANDYMAN, we are aware that landlords need tenants in their properties to be successful, that is we work quickly and to the highest standard – we get in and out, allowing you to keep your property on the market.

If your house needs decorating – either because you’ve just moved in or just because, whether you’re a business or a landlord that needs quick turnaround,  give 0800 HANDYMAN a call or, alternatively, email our friendly staff for a chat.