0800 HANDYMAN – Filling Plastering Cracks and Holes

Everyone loves a smooth plaster finish in their home, but cracks and holes can often turn the whole thing sour.

Cracked plaster, or that with holes in it, can look unsightly and ruin a well decorated home. Not only that, but is often one of those jobs that goes unnoticed or is thrown on the ‘Take Care of it Later’ pile.

If you have cracks or holes in your plaster, then the fix does not have to be expensive or time consuming. 0800 HANDYMAN can fix your plastered walls quickly and to a superb finish, all for an affordable price.

polaroid-services-decorating-homeWhether filling cracks or repairing spreading fissures, our experienced, friendly handymen come fully equipped to deal with the job. Armed for all repairs and jobs, 0800 HANDYMAN handymen are scooter-mounted and can arrive in no time at all. We promise a great finish that will make it easy for you to repaint or decorate with no one any the wiser. What’s more, we also offer decorating and refurbishment services and can take care of that for you as well! Because bad plastering is easy to find, all of handymen are trained to the highest standard and come with years of experience. If you aren’t happy with the finished job, then simply give us a call. We’ll come back, red-do the job and will not leave until you are happy – this is our work guarantee.

polaroid-services-decorating-landlordIn addition to repairing small cracks and holes, 0800 HANDYMAN can also take care of larger jobs. If your property has experienced larger-scale plaster damage, such as large, loose chunks of plaster falling away, then we can help. This can often occur after damp, leaving large sections of wall with loose or missing plaster. Whether your own home, or as a landlord renting a property, this is not a desirable look. It doesn’t have to be an ugly-looking disaster, though. Simply call 0800 HANDYMAN or email our staff for a friendly chat. We can repair and recover any area up to 20cm2 in area and 1cm in depth, quickly getting rid of unsightly plaster damage. Our handymen only leave the best work behind, having your property fixed, fresh and ready to go. If you have need small, or large-scale, plaster repairs just call us on 0800 HANDYMAN or email us for a quote!