0800 HANDYMAN – Painting and Decorating

Often, it can be hard to find time to paint or decorate your home. If moving into a new home, then there are dozens of other little jobs that take precedent. If you just want to redecorate, it can be impossible to know where to start. Add on top work and everyday life, and it is not surprising that painting and decorating can fall by the wayside.

0800 HANDYMAN has the skills and tools to undertake that painting and decorating for you – all at great, affordable prices.

decoratingservices0800 HANDYMAN prides itself on delivering top quality painting and decorating, whether for your home, rental property or business.

Coming with years of experience, 0800 HANDYMAN can take your half-finished rooms and have them looking great in no time at all. This could mean painting, varnishing , tiling, or any other job you can think of.

We leave behind professional results, with our workmen delivering a friendly, efficient service. And, if you are not happy, we’ll come back and re-do the job to your satisfaction. All at no extra charge!


polaroid-services-decorating-homeFor businesses and landlords, we are also aware that sometimes you need quick, quality work. Delivering painting and decorating services to the London area, we can be with you in no time at all.

For businesses, this could anything from a lick of paint in the bathroom to full redecoration. 0800 HANDYMAN always endeavours to get in, complete the work to the best standards, and get out. This means minimal disruption for your business and workday. We can also use ‘Eco-Friendly’ paints – which minimise odour and make a freshly decorated workplace easy and safe to work in.

For landlords, we also recognise that emergencies happen. Sometimes properties need work now – not tomorrow. In that case, we’ve got your back. We can work at weekends or evenings, getting to work and putting your property right.

This all means as little downtime as possible for your property and your business can keep moving.


0800 HANDYMAN offers a quick, quality and affordable service that can cover any and all decorating work.

Whether for your home, business or property, we can offer the solution for your half-finished rooms. If you need painting and decorating work completed quickly, we can work over evenings or weekends.

Call 0800 426396 today, or email for chat with our friendly staff.