0800 HANDYMAN – Replacing Sockets, Fans and Transformers

Replacing things like power sockets and switches often fills even hardcore DIYers with a sense of dread. This is not only because of the safety concerns, but also because a botched job can mean a blown fuse box and costly repairs.

At 0800 HANDYMAN, our qualified and experienced staff can take these unpleasant jobs and take care of them quickly and for a great price.

Whether a homeowner, business or landlord, 0800 HANDYMAN has the skills and the tools to repair and replace your power sockets, extractor fans, light fittings and transformers.

electricalservicesWhen moving into a new home, the small jobs often go undone. When it comes to broken light switches, power sockets and the like, it becomes much more of an annoyance.

Not only this, but fault electrics can present a real risk. 0800 HANDYMAN has years of experience repairing and replacing electrics, and can quickly have your home fully functional and one hundred perfect safe – and all for affordable rates.

If you have fixtures or fittings to replace the old, then we can take on this job too. Simply provide us the materials and we’ll provide the skills and tools. In no time at all, you’ll have a bright beacon of a home.

0800 HANDYMAN can also repair and replace doorbells, getting rid of that old, off-tone doorbell, and replacing it with something new.


polaroid-services-electrical-businessFor landlords, we can offer a quick, efficient service that can arrive when you need. 0800 HANDYMAN understands that you need your property up to code and we can deliver that – to the highest standard and for an affordable price.

This means you have a safe, working property for the market, with no hassle or massive expense.

We also offer other services for landlords, such as tidying away cables and wires, making sure everything is as safe as possible and electrical fault finding. Call 0800 HANDYMAN or email for a chat with our staff.

Whether you need a new socket, fan, transformer or simply PAT testing, 0800 HANDYMAN is ready, willing and able to undertake any job.

We deliver quick, quality results that will not disrupt your day – we can even come in the evening or at weekends!