0800 HANDYMAN – Home Repair Services

Every house has a list of jobs and tasks that just never seem to get done. These are the jobs that fly under the radar, unnoticed until they are an issue.

And that’s exactly where 0800 HANDYMAN can help with our home handyman service.

Our staff come with years of experience and knowhow, as well as a friendly attitude. 0800 HANDYMAN comes equipped with all the tools and skills needed to tackle any job – no matter what. We offer a full range of residential property services, working safely and cleanly to ensure you have a fully functional home.

This could mean grouting, painting, hanging pictures or a TV, change locks or any of the other jobs that just seem to hang around forever. Even if you don’t see your job listed, give us a call on 0800 HANDYMAN or email, and we’ll take care of it!

polaroid-services-oddjobs-homeRunning a house is not easy, and 0800 HANDYMAN understands that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle everything.

We also understand that new home owners have a massive amount to deal with and those small, niggling problems can quickly start to reveal themselves.

0800 HANDYMAN can take all of this stress – the faulty doorbell, the unopened flat pack furniture, the unhung pictures – and make it all go away.

For great, affordable rates, we can put that flat pack furniture together, fix that doorbell, install those blinds and any other job or random task you have.

Then, when we’re done, you have a fully functional home that looks (and works) just the way you want it. And, if you aren’t happy with any of our work, our guarantee means we’ll come back and re-do the job to your satisfaction!

As well as odd jobs, 0800 HANDYMAN can also tackle electrical jobs, such as; repairing or fittings light fittings, replacing extractor fans, replacing power sockets and much more besides.

Our handymen come fully trained and qualified, always leaving behind top-notch, safe work.

For any and all home repairs – from the grouting to changing out a transformer, 0800 HANDYMAN has the skills, experience and prices to make your home whole again.

Just give us a call on 0800 HANDYMAN, or email, for a chat with our friendly staff.

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