0800 HANDYMAN – Replacing Sash Window Cords

As with many odd jobs, replacing sash window cords can quickly go beyond a hassle and become a real problem.

A broken sash cord is the type of job that gets thrown on the ‘do it later’ list and, every time you come to open the window, you curse it and wish someone would just fix it. This is just where 0800 HANDYMAN comes in.

As a more complex job than it appears, changing sash window cords usually leads to a tangle of cord, frustration and a deconstructed window.

Our handymen can make quick work – usually taking half an hour to an hour, of your broken sash window cords and leave you with quality, affordable results. All without the annoyance of doing it yourself.

polaroid-services-oddjobs-homeCalling the manufacturer or a specialist often means a long wait and expensive repairs, meaning more hassle and expense for you. 0800 HANDYMAN offers a service that is quicker and more affordable, with our friendly, experienced handymen in and out of your home in no time at all. This means a quick, quality fix for your windows and no more malfunctions or slack cords.

polaroid-services-electircal-landlordsAs well as undertaking domestic jobs, we can also help repair or replace blinds and windows in your office or business.

We know that businesses have to create the best impression and inoperable windows and twisted, broken blinds do no favours. 0800 HANDYMAN provides a quick, quality service that can have your blinds and windows functioning in no time at all.

Aside from repairing window sash cords and blinds, we can also help with a wide range of other tasks, including; rehanging doors, fitting displays, TVs and pictures, changing or repairing locks, moving or assembling furniture, along with many other odd tasks. If you have a job, then 0800 HANDYMAN has the skills.

If you have tangled blinds or troublesome windows, give 080 0HANDYMAN a call or email our friendly staff for a chat.