0800 HANDYMAN – Cistern and Toilet Repair

A faulty toilet and cistern can be a nightmare. Not only is it unsanitary, but it means leaking water, warped floorboards and a whole host of other problems.

Whether you need emergency or general repairs, 0800 HANDYMAN is here to help. We can provide an experienced, qualified service that will have your toilet or cistern repaired in no time.

Because we know how horrible a broken toilet or cistern can be, we always endeavour to arrive when you need us – bringing the best tools and experience along with us.

polaroid-services-plumbing-homeFor landlords, we can offer a timely, professional response to any broken toilet emergency. We work with businesses and landlords every day, and know just how important it is to keep properties up and running. We also know that landlords have responsibilities toward their tenants, and 0800 HANDYMAN can help by making fast, quality repairs to cistern or toilet malfunctions.

If your emergency occurs at the weekend or evening, we can help there too. 0800 HANDYMAN prides itself on speed, quality and convenience – we work when you need us.

We can appraise the job and tell you just what parts you need – before starting work. For you, this means an honest appraisal and no dealing with unscrupulous plumbers.

We also offer our ‘Fit 4 U’ service. If you provide the materials, then we’ll perform the repair. This can save you money on parts, only paying our great prices for labour.

For landlords, we offer a quick, quality service that keeps your property on the market and making money.


plumbingservicesIf you have an emergency at home, we can also help with the aftermath of a broken, leaking toilet or cistern.

This could mean replacing a cistern or toilet entirely, fixing tiles or flooring, patching walls or plaster, or any of the other problems leaking water can cause. Just call 0800 HANDYMAN or email us for a chat with our friendly staff.

All of our work comes with a guarantee – if you aren’t happy, then neither are we. Just call us and we’ll come and re-do the job, not leaving until you are satisfied.


Whether a business, a household or a landlord, 0800 HANDYMAN can have that broken toilet working again in no time. Just call us on 0800 HANDYMAN, or email, and speak to our staff today!