0800 HANDYMAN – Refurbishment and Renovation

For businesses, every moment of the working day is important. At 0800 HANDYMAN, we understand this.

As such, we offer residential or commercial property renovation and refurbishment services, designed to minimise disruption to your business.

Equally important is the need for fresh layout now and again. A stale environment can lead to a stale business, which is no good for anyone. A refresh is necessary now and again, but the time is not always there to undertake it. This is exactly where 0800 HANDYMAN comes in.

We can re-decorate offices, retail frontages, receptions, meeting rooms and any other area of your business that needs sprucing up. This might include painting, re-writing, fitting suspended ceilings and many other jobs beside.

If the job falls under property renovation or refurbishment, then we can help.

refurb and renovationOur refurbishment services include:

0800HANDYMAN can also help with remodelling your office. This could take the form of re-partitioning office space to your specification, as well as undertaking construction jobs to change the working environment.

Whether you want a one-time reorganisation, or if you want rolling visits, 0800 HANDYMAN has the staff and the expertise to make it happen – quickly, to the highest standard and for an affordable price.

Redecoration and re-partitioning can make your business feel like a brand new office. And all this quickly and without disrupting business.

Because at 0800 HANDYMAN we are aware of the nature of business, we can undertake work when is convenient for you.

Our work team is fully flexible, available when you need them. If you simply can’t have work ongoing during the work day, we can work around this. 0800 HANDYMAN can send staff in during weekends or evenings, ensuring we don’t affect your business. Simply let us in and come back on Monday to a totally new office!

We always to the highest standard, with everything fully guaranteed for six months and covered by public liability insurance.


polaroid-services-decorating-landlordWe also strive to be as green as possible in our work; using eco-friendly paints which dry quickly and won’t leave a strong odour after work is finished. This means a pleasant, safe environment for your workers, in addition to quick work turnaround.

If your business has refurbishment or renovation needs – big or small – give 0800HANDYMAN a call. Alternately, email our friendly staff for a chat.